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展会: 2018深港澳国际车展                  

2018  Innovative Auto Show
展会时间: 2018年6月2日—6月10日
Time: June 2 - June 10, 2018
展会地点: 深圳会展中心
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
展会简介:  作为大中华地区最具规模和影响力的国际车展之一,从“三展合一”到“三城联袂”,从单一的汽车展销走向品牌大展的整合传播,深港澳国际车展不断为参展商、媒体和观众创造着全新的价值和体验。
Introduction:  As one of the largest and influential international car exhibitions in the Greater China, from the "three exhibition" to "three cities", from a single car exhibition to the integration of the brand exhibition, the Shenzhen Hong Kong and Macao International Auto Show has created a new value and experience for the exhibitors, the media and the audience.